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We have both on-site and off-site solutions to protect your data so you can quickly recover it when you need it. We can adjust your business continuity requirements in a manner that suits your particular budget so can manage your costs while being fully protected and the ability to access your data right away.

Our Services Include:

  • Business Continuity Consultation – Our consultants will sit down and analyze your needs and provide the solutions that suit what your business requires and your budget as we can customize your solution
  • On-Site Back Up – We can provide you with on-site hardware servers to act as an onsite back-up if this what your business needs
  • Off-Site Back Up – We provide all our clients with cloud hosted off-site back up and recovery solutions so even if your business premise is completely destroyed, all your business and client information will be available when your business is up and running again. You can also access your data from anywhere using multiple devices.

Our back-up and recovery solutions are designed to minimize downtime and get you up and operating as quickly as possible to run your business when you need to do so.

WP Internet is the perfect partner or all your business continuity solutions, so call us at (709) 683-1442 or email us at and protect your business today.  

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